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You are learning Japanese? Then you need to try DaKanji!
Use the built-in dictionary to look up words, search Kanjis by simply drawing them, add furigana to texts, and much more!

Use the built-in dictionary to lookup words offline

Use Kana, Kanji or Romaji DaKanji knows them all


Don’t know a Kanji? Just draw it!

Find 6500+ characters, not even the stroke order matters.

Read any text!

DaKanji can add Furigana, show translations and so much more to help you read any text.


Use it on all your devices!

DaKanji adapts to any screen and device to make you as productive as possible.

Join the Japanese learning revolution now!
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5 star ratings

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What the users say
Kalina Tsvetkova

I am currently studying in Japan and I thought I knew Japanese, but then I downloaded the app and I realized I don’t know anything about anything. I’m glad I found the app, so I can finally improve my language skills. After trying it out, I’m sure it will be useful for my studies and writing my academic papers.


Love that you also Support other languages besides english. As a German there isnt that much Stuff jpn-ger. So I mostly Need to translate to english then to German. It works but I Just Love having Something jpn-ger directly.


Oh my god the furigana feature is a godsend! Thank you!!


Downloaded and wow it’s great, I also left a 5 star review on the play store. ありがとうございます


This app found a permanent place on my phone next to takoboto. Thank you!


Dang—I just tried it out and thought it was pretty nice, especially the handwriting search function.


Probably my favorite Android dictionary I’ve seen so far. Looks really clean, and the UI is super intuitive. Really enjoy the ability to draw several kanji one after the other into the search bar. Looking forward to exploring more. Thank you for your hard work!


This is awesome! Will be using this from now on. The tutorials when using a feature the first time are very well done! I like it!


Thank you! This is exactly what I have been looking for.


Excellent resource!


No stroke order lookup seems extremely helpful


If Google translate ever fails you, and you don’t know the stroke order, use the app called DaKanji. Just draw the kanji with as many strokes like and as sloppy as you like, and it should pop up as one of the results. Works like magic.


I just tried the mobile version and the recognition seems GREAT so far from the simple kanji I could remember off hand


The recognition is really good. Most Kanjis I tried were correctly identified halfway before I was even done drawing them. I also appreciate the simplicity and quick loading time. A cluttered UI or a long loading screen can make or break an app I want to use for quick lookups.


This app already is so useful and feels like it has so much promise. I have no idea how you trained the model but this is the first time I don’t rage at the horrible results after drawing Kanji.


Just tried it out and it worked really well. I prefer this a hundred times over to the google translate one, you’ve made playing games much easier for me now with such a quick kanji look up.


Nice, really well-done! Even writing kanji quickly without paying extra attention to separate the strokes work, which is something most other offline apps struggle with.


Wow, WOW. As I kept reading, I got even more excited. I’m gonna try it right now but it already sounds seriously great, and given the comments here you are not lying at all! Seriously, good job.


Thank you so much for this! It’s amazing how timely this is as I was just playing Persona 4 yesterday on PC and getting frustrated by Jisho’s kanji dictionary which relies on stroke order.

Murillo Gabriel

Essential for japanese learners. Thank you for making this free!

Benjamin Ransom

a wonderfully fantastic tool for identifying and learning kanji on the fly. I can see something totally new and not know the stroke order and still figure it out.

Paul Lawson

This is actually really good. For some reason most apps of this style can’t figure out what I’m trying to write, but this one can!

Seth Kitchens

Amazing. I can write kanji messier than a professor and it still picks it up. Very reliable.

Intangir Voluntaryist

the recognition capability is amazing


WOW, the app is way more than I thought! Thank you for such a useful tool!

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DaKanji 3.4.3 released

Hey guys! Again a smaller release to focus on some bugs.Here are the changes: Improvements:• Dictionary• Back gesture clears the current search• Falling…


You are learning Japanese?
Then you need to try DaKanji!


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