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DaKanji 3.4 released

Hey guys!

After some months of constant development, many bugs, and much head-scratching, I am back with some updates to DaKanji! As you know, DaKanji is my little (or now not so little) pet project, whose goal is to make a fully offline, cross-platform (iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows, Linux), and fast & beautiful dictionary (or at least this is one of the goals). So I am super proud that I just released DaKanji 3.4, which contains a truckload of new features, improvements, and bug fixes that make DaKanji competitive with any other dictionary (at least I think so). Here is a short list of the most important changes (see the changelog for a full list):

New Features:

  • Anki integration: Send words and word lists to Anki
  • Dictionary
    • Share images of entry and kanji cards
    • Image search query customizable
    • Characters from drawing are now added at the cursor’s position
  • Word Lists
    • Sort lists in folders
    • Search in lists
    • Lists for JLPT
    • Export: PDF, CSV Images
    • Screen saver
  • Kana Table
    • Added kana origins

  • Dictionary
    • Fancy slide-in of search results
  • Settings
    • Misc
      • Advanced
        • Optimize neural networks UI
  • Onboarding animations
  • The folder where DaKanji stores necessary data has been moved to a location that a user usually does not use
  • Dramatically decreased startup time in certain scenarios
  • Dictionary
    • MacOS: When typing in Japanese, writing suggestions could not be selected using keyboard
  • Kana table
    • Kana cut off on some aspect ratios
  • Drawing
    • #73 Kanji search bar is not cleared
  • Settings
    •  Misc
  • Advanced
    • Optimize neural networks
      • Deep Links:
        • Android https:// links
  • Search result navigation with arrow keys

After a lot of effort put into DaKanji, the development will be a bit slower over the next few months as a lot of things have changed in my life and I currently do not have so much spare time. But be assured that DaKanji is nowhere near dead or finished. Thank you for reading all of this and I hope DaKanji will help you on your Japanese journey. 



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