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DaKanji 3.1 released

Hi there, hope you are doing well!
I am glad to tell you that DaKanji v3.1 is out now and available in all stores! This release has mainly been focused on fixing and polishing the 3.0 release. But there are also some

New Features:

  • Kanji charts: filter and sort kanjis by categories such as JLPT, 漢検, KLC and more
  • Clipboard screen to lookup words that are in the OS’s clipboard
  • Drawer elements reorderable
  • Periodically, check for updates at app start
  • Dictionary
    • Mark the current word in example sentences (#31)
    • English dictionary can be disabled (#30)
    • Show more kanji information
      • KLC, new JLPT, RTK, 漢検
      • antonyms, synonyms, lookalikes
    • Radical lookup
      • Clear selection
      • Selection from clipboard
      • Sort kanji by stroke order
      • Improved radical rendering
      • UI improvements
    • Navigate search results with keyboard
  • Sentry for feedback collection
  • マトリックス (#39)


  • Pitch accent not correct for words that include 2 character mora (#29)
  • Radical popup does not close (#27)
  • Navigating dictionary -> drawing -> dictionary
  • Some Searches lead to seemingly incorrect results (#49)
  • Sometimes radicals were missing
  • JLPT data for some entries wrong


If you have any ideas, bugs, improvements, etc. let me know I will try my best to solve the problem!



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