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DaKanji 3.1 beta available

Hi there,
hope you are doing well! I am happy to announce DaKanji v3.1 is now available for testing on all platforms. This release focuses mainly on refining some rough edges of the previous 3.0 release. However, there has already been made significant progress for the next release 3.2 so stay tuned! If you have some time I would be very happy if you could give v3.1 a test ride!
And this is the full changelog

v 3.1.0 – ่พžๆ›ธ้–‹็™บ

New Features:

  • Kanji charts: filter and sort kanjis by categories such as JLPT, ๆผขๆคœ, KLC and more
  • Clipboard screen to lookup words that are in the OS’s clipboard
  • Drawer elements reorderable
  • Periodically, check for updates at app start
  • Dictionary
    • Mark the current word in example sentences (#31)
    • English dictionary can be disabled (#30)
    • Show more kanji information
      • KLC, new JLPT, RTK, ๆผขๆคœ
      • antonyms, synonyms, lookalikes
    • Radical lookup
      • Clear selection
      • Selection from clipboard
      • Sort kanji by stroke order
      • Improved radical rendering
      • UI improvements
    • Navigate search results with keyboard
  • Sentry for feedback collection
  • ใƒžใƒˆใƒชใƒƒใ‚ฏใ‚น (#39)


  • Pitch accent not correct for words that include 2 character mora (#29)
  • Radical popup does not close (#27)
  • Navigating dictionary -> drawing -> dictionary
  • Some Searches lead to seemingly incorrect results (#49)
  • Sometimes radicals were missing
  • JLPT data for some entries wrong

The testing release is available as usual from Google Play (Android), Test Flight (Mac, iOS), Github (Windows, Linux, Android, Mac)


You are learning Japanese?
Then you need to try DaKanji!


daapplab [at]

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