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DaKanji 3.0 released

At the beginning of 2021, I first published DaKanji as an offline stroke order independent Kanji lookup tool for Linux, Mac, and Windows written in Python. Because of the positive Feedback I received, I was motivated to continue working on DaKanji. Fast forward a bit, I rewrote DaKanji in Dart and published it first for Android, slowly extending it to iOS, MacOS, Linux, and Windows.

After taking a break from DaKanji (and randomly starting to learn Spanish), I decided to apply for a scholarship to study in Japan. For this, I wanted to have something stand out in my application and I decided to add an offline dictionary to DaKanji.
And finally, after a long, long development time, DaKanji 3 is finally out. I am super excited that this new version has finally shipped! DaKanji is a passion project of mine, and I have worked really hard the last year to build the best fully offline, responsive, and cross-platform (Android, iOS, MacOS, Linux, Windows) Japanese <-> English, German, French, Russian, … dictionary I could. Therefore, I would greatly appreciate you checking it out and letting me know what you think, what to improve, giving a positive review, or maybe even recommending it to your friends

Here are the new Features:

  • Inbuilt dictionary
    • Search with kanji, kana or romaji
    • Search Kanji by radical or draw them
    • Multi-language support: English, German, French, Spanish, …
    • Conjugation of verbs, adjectives, copula
    • Detailed information about Kanjis
    • 6000+ audios
    • Pitch accent
    • Example sentences
  • Text processing screen
    • Add furigana to any text
    • Look up unknown words using the inbuilt dictionary
    • Colorize words based on their Part of Speech
    • Translate using DeepL (currently mobile only)

Lastly, I would like to give you a rough idea of in which direction this project is heading, the next 3.x versions will add more features to make DaKanji not only a word lookup dictionary but a tool to understand Japanese texts and effectively learn from them. This includes features such as word lists, Anki integration, grammar lookup, chat GPT integration, a discussion section to ask questions, and likely, yomichan dictionary support. After that, DaKanji will receive support for directly using the dictionary on different sources such as videos, PDFs, and ebooks, …

Thank you a lot for reading till the (and maybe using DaKanji). If you have any problems with it, let me know.


You are learning Japanese?
Then you need to try DaKanji!


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